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The hosting of events has a major impact on cities. To ensure that the ICL20 leaves a positive legacy the organising committee has chosen two charities to support and are giving delegates the opportunity to join them in their effort. Delegates can choose to support the ICL20 charities by donating R100, R250, R500 or R1000 when registering.

The income from delegates will be paid over to the charities after the congress.


Improving lives through literacy

Help2Read helps children from disadvantaged communities learn to read.

These literacy intervention programmes are run at public primary schools across South Africa, and provide children who struggle to read with one-on-one attention from a volunteer Reading Helper or community Literacy Tutor. Through consistent literacy input, reading help and fun activities, the children that participate in our programmes not only learn to read, they fall in love with it.

Read to Rise

Read to Rise is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting youth literacy in schools in South Africa's under-resourced communities. As the name indicates, they firmly believe that children need to read in order to rise in their personal development and contribution to society.  They aim to address the troubling reality that young children in South African communities are not reading as much as they require for their educational development. Children in the foundational phase should be reading around 40 books per year; in our under-resourced communities children are reading only 1 to 2 books per year.


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