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Professor Jochen Zeller
University of KwaZulu-Natal

While the field of generative grammar has been dominated by the derivational model of syntax advocated in Chomsky's Principles-and-Parameters framework and the Minimalist Program ("East Coast linguists"), there are also non-transformational, constraint-based theories of generative grammar, such as Construction Grammar, HPSG, or LFG, which are sometimes subsumed under the label of "West Coast linguistics". In my talk I focus on a number of key syntactic phenomena (structure building operations, nonlocal dependencies, the realisation of argument structure, and linearization) and show how these phenomena are analysed in these competing frameworks. I also discuss two morphological frameworks that are closely associated with East Coast and West Coast linguistics respectively, namely Distributed Morphology and Construction Morphology, and I compare the analyses of various morphological phenomena that have been proposed by proponents of these theories.


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